Party Planning

My usual Sunday has been disrupted as I can’t go to the pool because of my new tattoo(so worth it!)

So instead I am taking the day to planning my Friday sangria party!

In the summer my friends and I find it hard to meet up with work, family visits and sometimes just the heat gets in the way. So this week I have invited all my friends over for a cheeky afternoon sangria party.

If you are like me LISTS are a must with anything. But before I make my shopping list I need to do a few things

  • Check the recipes I am making( will share these with you next week)
  • Check my cupboards for the important items – glasses, plates etc.
  • Seating make sure I have enough places for everyone to sit!

Once I have done these important things it is time to write my shopping lists.

So now that everything is planned it’s just time to go shopping

I will bring you all the details of my Sangria Pit’sy next week.


Here are some of my Top Picks for shopping lists and menu planning

Magnetic White Board Fridge Calendar by Smart Panda – Useful Menu Planner, Memo Or Weekly Shopping List For Adults And Children – Easy To Write And Wipe With Strong Magnet – Notice Board Includes 4 Free Dry Erase Colour Markers – Weekly

Beside The Seaside – Quality Shopping List Notepad – 100 sheets per pad – Size 230mm x 102mm

SHOPPING LIST / MEMO PAD / TO-DO- LIST Wall Hung – BEACH HUTS Design – includes one notepad refill

Weekly Meal Menu Diet Planner Chart Fruit And Veg



During in the summer, my friends and I don’t get a chance to see each other much due to it being tourist season. So this week I decided to have a little sangria party to catch and see everyone.

We spent a few days looking through some recipes and trying to figure out what would be best for everyone. I chose to make three sangrias so there was something for everyone.

The first recipe I made was a white wine with apple and pears. I used inspiration from The food network show The Kitchen personal sangrias

I omitted the dried apricots but other than that this was a big success( I did keep a sneaky jar just for myself)

A lover of Rose I had to make a rose sangria as well so I decided to make a rose, peach, and pear!

Again I took some inspiration from other recipes.

1 Bottle Rose

Two peaches

One pear

1/4 cup sugar

One bottle of Summer fruits soda

dash of sprite

1/2 cup of vodka

I added the sugar, wine, and vodka into two jugs and stirred until the sugar was dissolved, Then adding the sliced peaches and pear chill in the fridge for 5-6 hours.

Just before service stir, add soda and sprite to taste


Pour over ice and enjoy!.


My third Sangria was a classic red wine with oranges and lemons. I followed this amazing recipe from Martha Stweart.


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Soulful Saturdays!

When was the last time you took a day off?

Due to all of my businesses being online, I spend the majority of my time on my laptop, iPad or phone. So every once in a while I like to switch off, turn the tv off, turn the radio off and just sit and read a book.

I love getting lost in the plots exploring great adventures and just not thinking about my next blog post, my client social media or coaching lessons plans.

As we are in the age of younger and more ambitious entrepreneurs striving to get out there thrive and achieve goals it can be a massive pressure. So taking the time to look after ourselves, rejuvenate and just live can be the best gift we can give our selves.

I made a plan this year to make the most of where I live, So each Sunday I head to a local pool and indulge. Today being Saturday I would have normally done some housework, watched tv and finished some work from the week. But I have been so engrossed in a new book that I actually sat on my balcony reading all day!!!!

Have you ever done this?

So I have just finished this book in the space of 5 hours yes 5 hours!

This book literally kept me on the edge of my seat I was totally engrossed with what was happening, where the charters would take me and the writing was amazing I could feel every emotion the author was trying to express.

So now I am on the look out for another great read please feel free to send some my way!


(Wo)Man’s Best Friend

My little rescue dog is absolutely my best friend.

Her name is Fistik ( Peanut in Turkish), I rescued her from our local dog pound two years ago and we have been inseparable ever since.

She had a very sad start to life which breaks my heart every time I think about what could have happened. After taking her home from the pound I was contacted by the family who had found her.

A family who had been on holiday at the time heard a noise coming from a drain close to their sun loungers. After investigating the children found a small brown ball of fur which happens to be Fistik.Once they pulled her out a couple on the next sun loungers said they had been hearing the noise for at least 2 days but thought nothing of it.

the family snuck her into their hotel for the night, she was so small and tired she couldn’t lift her head and they sent the whole night feed her water. As they were going home soon they had to reluctantly take her to the local pound.

Here is Marmaris and pretty much all of  Turkey we have hundred of stray dogs ( and cats) and not enough people to help take care of them. Through lack of education and interest, the locals are either scared of animals or don’t know how to look after them. Local bars and restaurants will get a small puppy a the start of the season to get people to come to the bar and buy drinks. These dogs are not fed properly, left to wander the streets not neutered or sometimes even just tied up. It s hard to see such beautiful animal mistreated all the time.

So needless to say the local pound is always over run with dogs and puppies needed health care and looking for new homes.

I have lived here for many years and I have always wanted a dog from a young age, So one day I went up to the pound to give a dog a loving home. Looking at the puppy enclosure there was about 20 little ones with a surrogate mum feeding, running around and playing. then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small brown ball curled up int he corner on a small tea towel. Moving nearer I feel in love, this little ball of fur came toddling over and starting licking me through the fence. she was so small and beautiful I decided I wanted her.

I couldn’t take her that day as the adoption lady was around so I went home and waited two days till I could go back. On returning a few days later I went straight round to the puppy area to look for her, she was asleep on the same tea towel but as soon as she smelt/heard me she came running over and wagging her tail. It was instant love.

As soon as we got home she walked straight over the cat bed laid down and went to sleep. from this moment she has been the biggest most important part of my life. We have never spent a night apart and if there is a way to take my dog with me I take her( Unless it s hot which wouldn’t be fair.)

Just celebrating her two years coming home birthday last month I wanted to spoil her as much as possible. Dog toys here in turkey are hard to find and honestly not very good, So I looked on the web and found some great toys from Amazon for my friend to bring out for me.

These toys are amazing! she takes them everywhere with her. she has a lollipop, a strawberry and a duck. we have to take them all to bed with her and in the office while I work.

She has suffered from a skin allergy and used to gnaw her fur till she was bald but since having these toys and a change in her diet she has stopped this. this just proves how important it is for dogs not to be bored.

She is my princess, my friend and my world so I will only buy her the best.

Below are mine and Fistik picks for great dog toys!

Dog Toy Pet Puppy Plush Sound Chew Squeaker Squeaky (Model 2)

Dog Toy Pet Puppy Plush Sound Chew Squeaker Squeaky (Model 3)

Classic Dog Toys Stuffed Squeaking Duck Dog Toy Plush Puppy Honking Duck for Dogs(Random Color))

UEETEK Squeaky Dog Toys for Small Dogs Fruits and Vegetables Plush Puppy Dog Toys (A pack of 5)

It’s time to Mermaid!!!

As you may have noticed I live in the beautiful country of Turkey! I live a small tourist resort of Marmaris. I have been here for seven years now, and I still forget how hot it can be.

Back in June as well as being its normal summer heat, we also had an African heat wave! Yes, it was like being in an oven 24/7. Now, I’m not one to complain about the heat as I chose to live here and I kind of like it but even I was having a hard time with that heat wave. For the whole weekend, I left all my curtains closed, didn’t open any doors as I didn’t want to let the awful hot air in.

After years living here I gave up on sun bathing for being bust building my business or just living but this year I decided every Sunday was going to be a Turkish breakfast plus pool day. I pack my iPad mini, note books and anything else I might need and take a mini day off and carry out my VA work from the pool. (I know hard life).

If you are like me some time just lay in in the sun gets boring and overwhelming with the heat, so you are constantly in the pool. The problem with just being in the pool is you don’t get a very good tan. Now I LOVE laying on a lilo but the thought of carrying a lilo down to the pool every week or trying to get on a local bus is not a nice thought.

When my friend was coming over to see me and asked what I needed, I looked online and I found the answer to all my problems. A lilo that can be inflated and deflated quickly and will in my beach bag!!!!!

This Lilo is great, it has one ring for the air around the outside then the middle is a fabric hammock and there is also an inflatable pillow. I have told so many people about this lilo as it is such a bargain. Now with this lilo and a nice smart baseball cap, I am all set every week.

Here are some more of my Beach/Pool Essentials

  • Sun cream – due to my skin tone I use Hawaiian Tropic creams and oils with a factor of course.
  • Baseball cap to keep the sun off your face
  • This little nifty hand pump for inflatables
  • A good book currently I am reading this –

The Girlfriend: The Most Gripping Debut Psychological Thriller of the Year

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*These are affiliate links
Bestway Aqua Lounger Pool Float – Multicoloured

Pump for Medicine Ball, Yoga Ball, Air Mattress, Balloons, Small Double Action Hand Pump Made from Durable Plastic

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion SPF15, 180ml


First Blog post!!!!!

Welcome everyone and thank you for joining me.


I am Julie, 29 and I live in the tourist resort of Marmaris Turkey! I am a Virtual Assistant, Coach and a Blogger. But most importantly I am a doggy mum to this beautiful little 2-year-old! Her name is Fistik, she is a mix breed, She had a very sad start to life but I will tell you more about Fistik later on.

I love the virtual world and all things to do with virtual businesses. I have started this blog as after travelling and living abroad for 10 years now I realized I have a lot to share. from tricks to packing, where to go and from how to cook for one! Being by myself in foreign countries I have learnt how to become independent and have great budget tips.

Fistik and I live about a minute from the beach, Yes one whole minute we love to go for walks and explore the great sites of Marmaris. I started my VA business two years ago as I love being at abroad but miss the normality of proper work( it’s all seasonal work here) It gives me new challenges every day and I get to meet with people from all over the world and help them grow their businesses empires.

So thank you and I look forward to sharing all my great finds, meal ideas and doggie news. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!